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December is a very stressful, yet joyful month for college students. Finals are taking place and the end of a semester is right around the corner. Typically, December holds the lovely holiday gift of time off to spend with friends and family, whether it is a month, a week, or a weekend. I decided that my personal gift to myself would be a vacation to Columbus and Athens, Georgia. My boyfriend and a couple of my friends are stationed at the military base of Fort Benning in Columbus Georgia. Sometimes soldiers have access to great deals such as low hotel rates. During my trip to Fort Benning I stayed at a hotel called Gavin Hall. Rather than paying ninety dollars ($90) or more per night in a hotel that was far away from base, I paid forty dollars ($40) to stay on base. Gavin Hall room rates range from $40 to $70 a night. It was easy to get the $40/night reservation and the room had lots of amenities as well as great service. A quick Google search will direct you to different military lodging options. In order to make reservations at military bases, you must know someone who is in the military and that person must be willing to be responsible for you. Since the rates of the hotels are very good, I would suggest that you make reservations well in advance. Within a couple of hours, you should receive an e-mail back that tells you whether or not your room was able to be reserved.

At some point, we all need a break. I am a huge fan of road trips and vacations! I have family living all over the United States and I love to visit them every chance I get (and can afford). There are a few challenges that can surface when taking a vacation. One is the expense of food, gas, plane tickets, and any activities that you want to do while on vacation. Another issue that rises from vacations is leaving work. Here are a couple quick ideas to help overcome potential obstacles.

Plane tickets:
Before purchasing an airline ticket to your destination of choice, ask yourself, can I drive? Although driving takes more time, it is usually more cost efficient.
Typically, in order to get the best deal on airline tickets, you should purchase them well in advance. Also, airline tickets are usually cheaper during weekends rather than the weekdays. Here is an example.

Keep in mind today’s date (12/19/15). This chart will show you the differences in prices when trying to book a ticket for each airline on short notice, compared to an advanced purchase. The days of the week on the chart below will represent the day that the flight will be departing to your vacation destination. The prices of the tickets are representative of a seven-day vacation.

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Orbitz $697 $599 $566 $340 $453 $425 $408
Expedia $579 $567 $487 $340 $355 $389 $408

Pack A Snack!
Everyone should be aware of airport security rules. Only 7 ounces of liquids are allowed through security. Therefore, only pack a snack. Airport shops can be very expensive, so when I travel I always bring an empty sports water bottle and fill it up from the water fountain after I have passed through security.

It is always a nice feeling to start the new year off right. Don’t let money get in the way of fun adventures and holiday festivities! If you wish to view more tips for vacations, find me on Pinterest by searching Abigail Keeter. My Pinterest is always packed with unique guides and advice for savings! I appreciate any feed back and wish everyone happy holidays!


Author: Abigail Keeter

I am a full time college student and work part time in a restaurant. I am a southern girl who enjoys road trips and new experiences!

3 thoughts on “Vacations

  1. If you don’t have access to military personnel and you need to book a hotel room, always make sure that you search for promo codes first and groupon deals. The same applies if you are looking to rent a car.
    Thanks for the info and Happy New Year.


  2. Great info on your blog, Abby. Didn’t know about the differences in the airfares based on the days of the week. Very handy. I’ll keep reading to get more tips!

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  3. I wish that I read your blog before booking my last flight! Thanks for the tip!

    Liked by 1 person

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