A Broke Girl's Guide to Rich Girl Pride

Discounts, discounts, DISCOUNTS!

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It is very helpful and important to ask for student discounts. Even if you are not a student, if you have child that is a student, there are many places that will still give you the discount.


Students take note!
The UNIdays app actually fills my eyes with joy! 20% student discount in so many places right now, guys student discount at H&M our prayers have been answered!
NUMBER 1 RULE: always ask for student discount!
The period after Christmas is always the best for students, we have our loan and there is serious sales! After the hype of the January sales has gone shops always add more items, usually their best pieces and the best bit they will keep going down in price! Topshop and River Island are the best for this!
People always ask for student Discount, your bank balance will love you so much more! Seriously my purchase feels so much more satisfying when it’s even cheaper!

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Author: Abigail Keeter

I am a full time college student and work part time in a restaurant. I am a southern girl who enjoys road trips and new experiences!

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