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Helpful App of the Day!

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I feel as though I come across an app related article every other day. Typically reading the same content over and over again would seem boring but this is not true. Every app related article has surprisingly helped me tremendously. As a Digital Media student, I am always on my laptop and phone. As a college student I am always studying, so the two come hand in hand . Recently I came across an amazing app called Chegg. This app allows its users to create multiple decks of flashcards as well as share them amongst their peers via text, e-mail, even social media. I have an iPhone 5 and a lot of my friends have androids, therefor It has been a challenge finding decent free apps that allow me to share/send information with my study buddies. With the talk to text feature I now cut my flash card preparation time in half.

When it is time to get down to business and study, Chegg has a feature that allows you to check off the note cards that you have learned and don’t need to study at that point in time. The basic concept behind this is it is allowing the user to mark the note cards they are familiar with. I highly recommend Chegg to my fellow studiers (of any sorts). Chegg has cut my note card preparation time in half as well as obliterated the cost.


Author: Abigail Keeter

I am a full time college student and work part time in a restaurant. I am a southern girl who enjoys road trips and new experiences!

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