A Broke Girl's Guide to Rich Girl Pride

Consignment Clothes Shopping

I must say that although I am a women of expensive taste, I am a women who is not willing to pay an outrageous price for certain items (especially name brand).This exact reason is why I am a consignment shopper . If there is clothing, jewelry, etc. that you are not wearing, then use it to your advantage! There is no point in keeping old clothing that will never be worn. Yes, it may look pretty on a hanger, tucked away in your closet but it was purchased to look great on you! Don’t bother keeping clothing or accessories if you do not get your money worth from wearing them.

I take almost all of my clothing that I don’t wear and trade it at consignment shops in exchange for store credit or cash. I typically choose store credit because most consignment stores are willing to give you more store credit than cash. On my last venture to the local consignment store, I traded in a garbage bag full of clothing and shoes. I already had $10 store credit so I decided to shop. With my store credit I purchased a pair of Miller shoes for $8. When I arrived home, I looked up the price of my shoes online and compared them with the consignment store’s price. I found my specific Miller shoes to range from $100-$110 online, therefore I saved around $92.

I have posted pictures of items that I bought strictly through store credit! None of the products I purchased were over $8.




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