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Grocery Shopping

There are many different ways to save on food. I am a southern girl therefore I am a big fan of fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes (can’t forget the gravy), and sweet tea, which can add up on the grocery bill. I could truly go on and on about food but I will spare you the time and jump right into saving on groceries. One way to save a dime on food is extreme couponing. I will admit that I am not one to extreme coupon, but I do know many friends and family members that live by this. If you have the time, I highly suggest extreme coupling. The basic concept of extreme couponing is to stack store coupons on top of manufacturer coupons (that are found in the Sunday paper). You can tell you’re doing it correctly if you have at least five of every item. You should walk out of the grocery store not owing a single dime while “purchasing” way more than necessary. Typically, my friends will either save or donate the items that cannot be used right away. One other suggestion is that you can pull your coupons and share all the extras with your coupon buddies.

Brand Name V.S Great Value

Can you tell me the difference between Great Value sugar and brand name sugar? There is absolutely no difference. I save on average $50-$100 every time I go shopping because I choose more great value (Walmart brand) products rather than other major brand name products. Although this is a great way to save, there is a catch. If you decide to switch to Great Value (or target brand, Publix brand, etc.) it is very important to compare the difference between the store bought brand and other major brands. For example, when I purchase bacon, I typically stick to Kirklands or Oscar Mayer. This is due to my personal opinion on the taste and cooking process. It all depends on your personal preference, taste, and diet. 


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  1. Great blog, Abby! Lots of creative ideas!


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