A Broke Girl's Guide to Rich Girl Pride


In my opinion,  the first week of the month (when my bill is sent to me) is the worst time of the month. The fact that I’m a women, and admitting to the worst week is the week I receive my bill,  is astonishing. I’m always scared of finding out whether my bill is two or three digits long. Recently, I received a bill that held the incredible number of sixty-five dollars! Although I was shocked, I was proud.

So listen up, this is how I did it. It is very important to turn items (air fresheners, straighteners, and any charging device) off, that are plug-ins. Although you might have turned your coffee maker off, there is a very good chance that a current is slowly running through it. In my apartment,  I have a switch that controls the power of one entire room. If that switch is turned off, than non of the outlets in that specific room will work. When my roommate and I are in school, we hardly go downstairs. So, we use that switch to our advantage! It will remain off for at least two weeks.

During the winter season, my roommate and I use space heaters. A space heater will not only warm a room quickly, but it is our number one money saver. Typically, I place our space heater on the bottom floor. Heat will rise, therefore there is a good chance the heater will warm up both bottom and top floors. Most space heaters are also temperature set, meaning that when a room reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically shut off.


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  1. I like these tips on this blog. Cell phone and cable bills can be lowered just by making a phone call. Ask about any specials running and ask for those discounts. Happy savings!

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